It doesn’t matter if you are looking to get your iPhone or Android device repaired. Our quality services make us the most popular cell phone repair shop in the region. However, our services make us stand out from the rest, as we offer a promise of quality with 90 days warranty. Broke your cell phone and look for services that provide you immediate solutions? We exactly got what you need.

With our same-day cell phone repair services, we can efficiently offer apple or Samsung cell phone repair in Costa Mesa. We provide services for common cell phone problems like cell phone screen replacement in 30 minutes or less. We keep buffer stock of parts needed to repair your cell phone, including the charging port, volume keys, camera lens, and screens. Your cell phone can break at any time and place, but don’t worry because we are the only trusted repair shop that can provide you with quality services at affordable rates.

Reasons to explore our services:

1. Cracked Screen repair in 30 minutes or less

Smartphone glass currently faces an upward trend in development as phone manufacturers are focused on improving screen durability. As of now, it is still relatively easy for smartphone screens to crack if dropped hard enough. The most frequent cellphone damage is a cracked screen.

So, to get your cell phone repaired instantly at competitive rates, all you need to do is connect with us. Our professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently replace your device’s screen to offer you hassle-free solutions. We can handle it expeditiously when it comes to getting your phone screen repaired or fixed on time.

2. Repairing solutions for all your needs:

From minor to significant repairing, we can expertly handle your needs. Whether you are facing a problem with the charging port, speaker, mic, or hardware, our professional will make sure to diagnose all the issues and offer you the best services at affordable rates. We are your one-stop repairing solution as we easily identify the most common malfunctioning you face. With our experience and customer-centric solutions, you get benefits from every aspect.

3. Original and top-quality aftermarket parts for all your devices.

Smartphone or laptop batteries lose their efficiency over time with rough usage. After that, you might face problems like poor battery health or drain at faster rates. We can expertly replace your cell phone’s battery as we offer original and top-quality aftermarket parts that will provide you with the same experience you used to have when you first bought the device.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new cell phone when you can get your existing cell phone repaired with original parts at a much lower cost. For your peace of mind, we also offer 90 days warranty on the services.

Why Choose Us?

To avoid the common problems you might face, we are your one-stop solution. Our professionals take care of the task and complete it with perfection. Cracked MyPhone is the leading cell phone repair shop in Costa Mesa that offers top-quality cellphone repair services at affordable prices. You can reach us for more information or schedule an appointment online.