Computer Repairs


PC Computers Running Windows and Macbook OSX repair  is also another one of our repair services we offer at Cracked MyPhone  Weather it’s a slow computer do to Virus, Malware or spyware removal and speeding up of the computer,  To Hard drive replacement and hard ware upgrades we got you covered.  Cracked MyPhoe has a team of computer techs who came aboard as computer technician with trouble shooting and repair knowledge,  and were trained to apply their skills to cellphones. That’s how we do it at cracked myphone everyone is cross trained in all the different  platforms so the final product is a technician who is well rounded in all trouble shooting and repair aspects.

  • Hardware Repair
  • Hardwarerepair

  • Upgrades
  • upgrades

  • Data Recovery
  • datarecovery

  • Crashed Hardrive
  • Crashedharddrive

  • Security Installation
  • Securityinstallation

  • Software Installation
  • SoftwareInstallation

  • OS Installation
  • osinstallation

  • Virus Removal
  • Virusremoval

  • Video Card Reflow
  • Videocardreflow

    With two locations to choose from Bellflower and South st or Norwalk blvd and Centrelia.