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scroll down to view our location address, services and repair prices

South St. Location

Icon Image


5519 South St.

Lakewood CA, 90713


CrackedMyPhone located on South St. in Lakewood CA, Los Angeles provides Cell Phone and Computer Repair. With Services ranging from Screen Repair to Battery Replacement on all brands of gadgets. 

Business Hours

Monday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Continue scrolling down to view our repair services and prices for your specific device

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Devices We Service

iPhone Repairs

CrackedMyPhone iPhone Repair Service is like no other company in Los Angeles and Orange County. From iPhone screen repairs and battery replacements to fixing water damage and software issues, trust us to fix it all. We service all the latest models of iPhone from iPhone 7 to iPhone XS.
While its design is pleasing on the eye, iPhones are well-known for their vulnerabilities. We have over 8 years of experience repairing Apple products so you can be sure we know what we’re doing. All the parts we use to repair iPhones are of the highest quality. Contact us for all your iPhone repairs.

Samsung Galaxy Repair

CrackedMyPhone Repairs Samsung Galaxy Cell Phones regularly. In fact, it’s one of our most serviced cell phone repair services. Our cell phone repair technicians are familiar with fixing all the common issues, such as poor battery performance and Cracked Screens including OLED displays. We also work complex software problems. All the parts used for Samsung Repairs are OEM quality. Quality Repairs are CrackedMyPhone’s core standards.
While they are excellent smartphones, sometimes even the slightest of knocks can cause them to crack their screens or break the camera. CrackedMyPhone can fix all Samsung Galaxy models, including Galaxy S8, S9 and S10 repairs.
The service is quick and easy to use. Simply tell us the model and the issue and we’ll take care of the rest. Fined Repair Location Near You

Android Tablet Repairs

CrackedMyPhone repairs Android tablets just as well as Android phones. Our repair services includes fixing problems caused by water damage, liquid spillages, cracked screen, speaker and microphone repairs due to faulty connections, internal software issues causing you to lose data or possibly not even connect to a Wi-Fi access point.
Tablets often get damaged because they are portable and are used on the go, such as at the coffee shops or around the university campus. Our Android tablet repair service ensures you’re back using your device as fast as possible.
We are Orange County and Los Angeles County's most reliable Android repair Location.
Please reach out to use if you are experiencing any problems with your device.

Android Cell Phone Repairs

At CrackedMyPhone, our Android Cell Phone repair service is held at the highest standard, With the utmost attention to detail so nothing gets left unchecked. In other words, our skilled technicians have all the necessary Cell Phone repair tools, equipment and experience to cover any and all Repairs related to Android Cell Phones.
Our CrackedMyPhone cell phone repair team understand how frustrating it can be to walk around with a faulty phone in your pocket. Our Android cell phone repair service does not take long so your downtime is as short as possible, from Google Pixel repairs to LG and HTC we fix it all. From microphone repairs, shattered glass replacement to LCD repairs and diagnostics, we are here to help.

iMac Repair

iMac Repair is another repair Services we offer here at CrackedMyPhone. 

We repair a wide range of iMac issues including

  • fixing broken screens 
  • improving overall Performance and Speed. 
  • Replacing Computer Battery
  • Hard Drive Crash

CrackedMyPhone is the best choice when it comes to fixing your iMac computer. 

Browse our cost-effective solutions NOW.

Computer Repair

CrackedMyPhone’s Computer Repair Service covers all kinds of computer issues, such as

  • slow performance, 
  • faulty software and 
  • broken Display 
  • Windows 7 to Windows 10 OS
  • broken graphics cards to 
  • USB port issues, 

We can repair your PC.

Find nearest Repair location to you

Laptop Repair

CrackedMyPhone repairs Windows laptops for all sorts of issues, 

including repairing broken screens and replacing faulty batteries. No matter how the laptop has been damaged, we will be able to fix it. From water damage and power trouble to non-responsive trackpads and keyboards, we have seen it all before.

There are so many brands of Windows laptops out there but they all have one thing in common: problems that can be solved by CrackedMyPhone experienced technicians. 

All the components we use throughout the  repair service are of the highest quality so you can be sure you are getting the best repair possible. 

Find out more.

iPhone Repair

CrackedMyPhone offers repair services for iPhones in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

From iPhone screen repairs and battery replacements to fixing software issues, trust us to fix it all. Cracked MyPhone repairs all models of iPhone, from iPhone 6 to iPhone XS.

Find An iPhone Repair Location Near You!

iPad Repair

CrackedMyPhone repairs iPads along with iPhone Repairs. From the original iPad to the iPad Pro, we repair any damage your device may have suffered.

CrackedMyPhone’s excellent customer service ensures that all your tablets get the care and attention they deserve. We stock up most iPad parts so we will be able to repair your iPad quickly without trouble. 

We keep you updated on your tablet repair from start to finish. Our expertise go beyond iPhone repairs and cross over to iPad Repair as well. No matter the problem, we will get your Apple device back to its best in no time.

Samsung Galaxy Note Repair

CrackedMyPhone repairs the Samsung Note series just as well as the Galaxy range. Our extensive knowledge of the device enables us to make advanced cell phone repairs, including power button repairs, rear camera repairs and even repairs to the phone’s vibrations. Our competitive pricing ensures you get incredible value for your money.
From the Note 8, Note 9, and now Note 10 CrackedMyPhone’s Samsung Cell Phone Repair Service can fix your phone quickly and reliably with a great Warranty to back the Repair. We have repaired plenty of Samsung Note phones over the years, with the most common being Shattered Screen Repairs due to its bigger size.
We ensure all your Samsung cell phones are repaired quickly and without hassle. Find Nearest Repair Location To You

 Most Common Gadget Repairs

This Infographic offers  insite on common malfunctions for your

 iPhones, Tablets, Cell Phones, Laptops and Computers 

Warranty Policy

We take pride in every Cell Phone Repair or Computer Repair we perform. Our no questions asked warranty policy is one of the best in the industry.  We stand behind every repair. Before handing any device back to its owner. We make sure to fully test all device and give it our professional seal of approval. With our no hassle warranty we make sure every customer is completely confident handing over their Tablet Computer or Cell Phone for CrackedMyPhone to troubleshoot diagnose and repair your device

reasons why you should use CrackedMyPhone to repair your devices

With over 10 years of Cell Phone and Computer Repair, CrackedMyPhone has become a leader in the device repair industry.

CrackedMyPhone Offers a no hassle 90 day warranty so there is no worrying about getting your computer or cell phone repaired by us.

CrackedMyPhone has 3 locations to choice from in Orange County and Los Angeles County. take a look at our location section. 

CrackedMyPhone is Costa Mesas and Orange County most best and most trusted Cell Phone, Computer, tablet Repair shop Servicing and Repairing iPhones, Samsung galaxy, laptop and computers. Review our warranty policy to have full confidence when handing over your device to get repaired.


the benefits of becoming a crackedMyPhone Customer by creating a device account Are

  • Invoicing 
  • Payments 
  • File Transfer
  • Direct Messaging
  • Transaction History
  • Device & Repair Log
  • Warranty Tracker
  • Immediate Savings
  • Discounts Offers
  • Social Platforms

Device Registration

Customer Account

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Get an immediate 20% discount coupon when registering your device

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here is some insite to why CrackedMyPhone is the best Choice

Repairing your broken or damaged Cell Phone, Computer or Tablet is a great cost effective option instead of having to purchase a new device. CrackedMyPhone has a low cost solution that saves you money and gets your device repaired and powered on.  We offer a variety of repair services on all your gadgets and Electronics. Here are a few examples of our repair services we can perform here at CrackedMyPhone Cell Phone and Computer Repair Shop. 


  • Cell Phone Repair

    Cracked Screen~Battery Replacement~Charging Port~Water Damage

  • Computer Repair

    Virus Romoval~Crashed Harddrive~OS instal~Slow Performing Computer

  • Tablet Repair

    Cracked LCD~Cracked Digitizer~Water Damage~Bad Battery~Data Transfer

Piece of Mined With our Warranty and High Quality Parts

At CrackedMyPhone all repairs come with a warranty.  So in the case a replacement part is defective or shows signs of malfunction, you can rest assure that we will stand behind our guaranty and replace any work that is covered under the warranty time frame and policy at no extra cost to you. Not only do we have an amazing warranty policy but we also use the highest quality aftermarket parts.  We put our iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Screens under rigorous testing and Quality control before using any replacement part for a repair. 

we are the Best Repair Shop in Orange county

The Orange County Location is located in Costa Mesa. We have been Providing an amazing Cell Phone and Computer Repair Service for Orange Counties Beach Citys like Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. By using the highest quality Repair Parts for all our iPhone and Cell Phone Repairs along with the years of experience working on Laptops, Android Cell Phones and Tablets has given us the edge over the competition.  

Here are reasons why people love crackedMyPhone

CrackedMyPhone has been servicing Orange County for the past 3 years repairing the communities Cell Phones and Computers. In that time we have gained the communities trust by providing a Great Repair Service for all your Electronics. We have managed to build a great reputation as the Repair Shop to use if you want the job done correctly. Follow us on social media to see all the great customer experiences. 

Tadeh Aghazarian

Tadeh Aghazarian


I Started CrackedMyPhone In 2012. From A Single Repair Shop Fixing Cell Phones And Computers To 3 Locations Across Los Angeles And Orange County​

CrackedMyPhone Lgog


Costa Mesa, Location

"I came in to get my Samdung Galaxy S9 plus repaired and the owner did an amazing job! He is friendly and kept communication regarding the repairs and the time frame of it all. The service was quick and efficient. It's good to know that if I run into any more device issues down the road there's a place I can run too and have one less thing to worry about. Thank you, Cracked My Phone OC!"

Jazmine C.
Newport Beach, CA
Lakewood Norwalk Blvd.

Very professional and prompt service. They were able to identity the problem with my cellular device and fixed it in less than 2 hours. My phone now works like it's brand new.You pay after they fix it to confirm it works. Apple customer care would have taken days for an appointment.

Karen G.
Los Angeles, CA
Lakewood South St.

"Great service! Great price! Cracked my iPhone and called them. Walked in same day and I was out in less than 30 minutes. Nice waiting area. I didn't have my phone to browse but tv in waiting area was on a good channel so I watched TV. Store is clean and efficient. Thank you!"

Nina R.
Long Beach, CA


Most frequent questions and answers

While toothpaste can be used to remove some light scratches off your phone screen, it cannot repair a cracked phone screen. Cell phone screen repairs usually require replacing the entire glass panel. This ensures that phone works back to normal, rather than risking only replacing a section that leads to more repairs needed further down the line.

Cracked screens or broken screens can become dangerous to use. There could be loose shards of glass that at first glance may not be entirely noticeable but after running your fingers over, you won’t want to be doing it too often. While smaller cracks may not interfere with the way you interact with the phone, deeper cracks demand immediate action. CrackedMyPhone has plenty of experience replacing broken screens.

Take your iPhone or Android cell phone away from the water area as quickly as possible and turn it off. It’s important that you do not use it. Remove the SIM card and wipe away as much water as you can. Now the important bit. Wait. The longer you wait, the better. If you still cannot turn your iPhone back on, or your Andriod cell phone, bring it to us for repair. Don’t risk taking it apart yourself as you can end up doing more harm than good.

Android, Windows and iOS allow you to back up content, such as apps, contacts, pictures and music, from your mobile device to your Google or iCloud account. This allows you to save information externally so in the event that you lose your phone or delete information, you can restore it quickly. Each device will have a different way to back up the data so get in touch if you’re unsure about how to back up your cell phone.

You can back up any device that runs these software platforms. For Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy or the Google Pixel, you can back up your content to the Google Drive Cloud. For iPhone back up, your content goes to the iCloud. You can also back up your PCs, Macs, tablets and iPads using the same processes; MacOS and iOS back up to the iCloud, Windows PCs to the OneDrive and Android tablets to Google Drive.

CrackedMyPhone can back up your phone, tablet or computer content onto the appropriate drives, no matter if it’s for iOS, Windows or Android. We make sure that all your memories saved through pictures and videos are stored online so if disaster strikes and you lose them, you’ll have them back to share with friends and family in no time.