iPhone X Repair in Costa Mesa

The CrackedMyPhone iPhone screen repair process is fast and effective at restoring your phone to a like-new state with a brand new screen and a battery replacement. This will make your iPhone work the same way as it did when you first got it, but for a much lower cost. The look of a brand new screen is immediately recognizable with brilliant colors and detailed lighting from corner to corner. It is simply the best way to restore an iPhone regardless of if it is cracked or not.
You can visit our locations in Costa Mesa California to see what we can do for you. With 10 years of experience you can rest assured your iPhone X will be restored to function perfectly no matter how much damage it has taken. Since they have this level of expertise, they’re also able to offer a 90 day warranty. That’s three months of never having another phone expense so you don’t have to worry about handing over your precious device to the expert technicians.
Everyone knows the feeling of your iPhone X slipping out of your hand followed by the notorious cracking sound that makes ears shrivel. As you look down, hoping your phone is still in tact, you find a cracked screen as your heart immediately drops. Now you’re left with a decision nobody wants to make. Do you get your screen repaired or scrap it and buy a new phone?
Replacing an  iPhone X battery or Cracked Screen will make your iPhone work as if it was brand new freshly removed from their stylish box. This is because iPhone’s use a Lithium-Ion battery. The capacity of these batteries will slowly degrade overtime as they go through more and more charge cycles. A charge cycle is the cycle between a fully discharged and a fully charged battery. So, as you use your iPhone the battery capacity reduces. According to Apple, their batteries are designed to hold up to 80% of their original capacity after 500 complete charge cycles. Most people will go through ⅔ of a charge cycle every day, so these 500 charge cycles will last approximately 2 years of regular use.
Now, that does not mean your iPhone X will be useless after completing the 500 charge cycles. It simply means your iPhone’s battery will not last as long. This also impacts the speed at which your iPhone operates at because Apple implements a throttling process once the battery starts to degrade. They do this so the battery will last its normal amount of time because the phone does not take as much energy to run when it is throttled.
This is why CrackedMyPhone offers iPhone battery replacements as well. Replacing a battery will unlock the full speed of your phone again while also giving you a longer battery life. This makes an iPhone operate as if it were new. When a battery and a screen is replaced with a newone, even the most experienced iPhone users won’t be able to tell the difference between your used iPhone and a brand new one.
So, now it comes down to the question we proposed in the beginning. Should you repair your iPhone X after cracking the screen or scrap your phone and buy a new one? Here are some pros and cons to getting your phone repaired instead of buying a new one.
●      Brand new iPhone screen with vivid colors and detailed lighting.
●      Brand new battery replacement bringing your battery life back to the way it was when the phone was brand new. This will also speed up your iPhone by providing adequate power to all of the components of your phone.
●      Significantly less expensive. A brand new iPhone X currently costs upwards of $1,000. A complete repair with a battery replacement will only cost a fraction of this amount, most of the time under $200.
●      90-day hassle free warranty. CrackedMyPhone offers a 90-day no hassle warranty, so you are guaranteed to get the service you expect.
●      10 years of experience repairing phones and computers. These 10 years of experience has made CrackedMyPhone a leader within the device repair industry.
●      Any lost data can be retrieved so you won’t have to re-enter your contacts, settings, preferences, or apps. A new iPhone will have to be completely set up to fit your preferences. Nobody wants to have to go through that process again.
●      You won’t get the unboxing experience of a new iPhone.
●      No new earbuds or charging cables. However, you can always purchase these separately if you want your freshly repaired iPhone to have new accessories as well.

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